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Horse Feed Rewards Program

Program Basics

Consumers purchase eligible horse feeds and cut the Proof of Purchase seals off of each bag. Cargill, Incorporated provides envelopes for consumers to collect their Proof of Purchase seals. Once a consumer has 12 Proof of Purchase seals, they should mail in the envelope to receive a free bag coupon to be redeemed at the dealer. The Buy 12 Bags, Get 1 Free Program is good only on horse feeds in the list of eligible SKUs. Program cannot be combined with any other loyalty/reward program offered by Cargill, Incorporated. Limit 12 free bag coupons per customer/household per year. Program ends 12/31/2022.

Eligible SKUs
Legends® Fortified Rice Bran Pellet 553880
Legends® CarbCare® Show & Pleasure 553940
Legends® CarbCare® Performance 553941
Legends® CarbCare® Senior 553942
Legends® Sport Horse Plus 553944
Legends® Growth Textured 553946
Legends® Race & Compete 553947
Legends® Fibregized Omega 553800
Legends® Growth Pellet* 553945
ProElite® Senior 88520
ProElite® Performance 88522
ProElite® Growth 88521
ProElite® Starch Wise 88524
ProElite® Grass Advantage 88525
ProElite® Omega Advantage 274010
ProElite® Alfalfa Advantage 274011
ProElite® Topline Advantage 274012
Redemption Instructions

1. Consumer collects 12 Proof of Purchase seals and completes all of the information on the envelope. Information (located on inside envelope flap) MUST be provided in order to receive a free bag coupon.
2. Consumer sends completed envelope with 12 Proof of Purchase seals to:
B12G1 My Horse Feed Rewards Program
Dept 12084
PO Box 5018
Stacy, MN 55078-5018
3. Once processed, Cargill, Incorporated will send consumer a free bag coupon for feed purchased (or the least expensive feed if there are multiple feeds purchases).
4. Consumer redeems free bag coupon at retailer.

OTHER: Cargill, Incorporated reserves the right to discontinue or modify the program at any time.

For program questions, please visit myhorse.myrewardstatus.com